Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

  • How Anxiety Can Harm You During A DUI Stop

    It's common to feel extremely nervous when a police officer pulls you over, even if you're only committed a minor traffic infraction such as driving a bit faster than the speed limit. Your anxiety is likely to increase, however, if you've been drinking and are concerned about the police officer investigating you for driving under the influence of alcohol. As you interact with the police officer, things can go from bad to worse quickly — perhaps because of your anxiety, rather than how much you've had to drink.

  • Think Twice Before You Make These Types Of Turns

    In any given outing in your car, you may make dozens of turns without thinking much about what you're doing. Hopefully, all or the vast majority of your turns are safe and legal — but this isn't always the case. Whether you're in a hurry, you're distracted a little, or you aren't aware of the rules of the road, it can be easy to make an illegal turn that could lead to a traffic ticket.

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Leave A Domestic Violence Situation

    If you have been a victim of domestic violence, you want to be able to get out of your house and to a safe place. While you are planning on getting out and when you are actually leaving can be a very dangerous time, especially if the person who hurt you is still living in the house with you. There are things that you can do that can help keep you safe and let you get out of that situation as safely as possible.

  • When You Decide To Flee, Expect These Charges To Pile Up

    When you see a police officer pull behind you after you've had a minor accident, the only smart decision is to stay put. However, there are motorists each day who decide that fleeing the officer may be worth trying, which is a decision that usually turns out poorly. When you decide to flee, what might have been a quick and easy traffic stop can quickly turn into a dangerous situation that has you headed to jail and facing a myriad of charges.

  • Winning a Workers' Compensation Case Involving Mesothelioma

    Mesothelioma is a lung cancer that can be devastating if it is allowed to spread too far. Even worse, it can occur because of asbestos exposure in your workplace. When this happens, it is important to know how to win a workers' compensation case if your employer wants to deny you. Asbestos Is Still a Serious Issue While asbestos has been discontinued as a building material, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of buildings that have it.

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Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

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