Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

When You Decide To Flee, Expect These Charges To Pile Up

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When you see a police officer pull behind you after you've had a minor accident, the only smart decision is to stay put. However, there are motorists each day who decide that fleeing the officer may be worth trying, which is a decision that usually turns out poorly.

When you decide to flee, what might have been a quick and easy traffic stop can quickly turn into a dangerous situation that has you headed to jail and facing a myriad of charges. Fleeing an officer will lead to charges of speeding, eluding, failing to stop, and potentially many others, including the following.

Property Damage

It's common for drivers who flee the police to end up facing property charges among the many other charges that can result from a chase. For example, as you're fleeing, you might cut across the lawn of a house or business, and any damage will lead to a property damage charge. Perhaps you go through a garden, or maybe your tires just chew up the grass.

In more serious cases, you may end up knocking down a fence, hitting a fire hydrant, or even smashing into a building. Each of these incidents can lead to a charge of property damage.

Assault On An Officer

Attempting to flee from a police officer is an example of poor judgment, but using your vehicle to hit the officer's car takes your bad judgment to a new level. Even if you only make minor contact with the police cruiser, you'll almost certainly face charges of assault on an officer.

This is because you used your vehicle as a weapon, and the officer was your target. This is one of the more serious charges that you can get out of the poor decision to evade the police.


An endangerment charge is also likely after you run from the police. This charge occurs when you put the safety of anyone at risk, which is exactly what you're doing when you flee.

Perhaps you drive across a sidewalk in an attempt to get away or speed through a parking lot that has shoppers in it. Even if you don't make contact with anyone on foot, the police are apt to charge you with endangerment because of how you've put these individuals' safety at risk.

After a fleeing situation, you'll find yourself facing a litany of charges. A car accident attorney can work to get some of the charges dismissed, especially if you plead guilty to some lesser charges.

If you need further assistance, contact an auto accident attorney through a law office such as Carl L. Britt, Jr.


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