Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Think Twice Before You Make These Types Of Turns

Joshua Alexander

In any given outing in your car, you may make dozens of turns without thinking much about what you're doing. Hopefully, all or the vast majority of your turns are safe and legal — but this isn't always the case. Whether you're in a hurry, you're distracted a little, or you aren't aware of the rules of the road, it can be easy to make an illegal turn that could lead to a traffic ticket. Illegal turns are also concerning because they can increase your risk of being in a car accident, and you may be at fault if you were making a bad turn. Here are some turns that you shouldn't make.

Turning Across A Lane

Some motorists occasionally make turns without being in the turning lane. For example, if you're on a two-lane road and the right lane requires drivers to turn right, you might find yourself in the other lane and perhaps stopped at a red light or stop sign. As you sit, you could realize that you want to turn right, and make your turn from where you sit. The problem with doing so is that you're not in a turn lane and you're cutting across the lane to your right. This is the type of decision that could get you a ticket for an improper turn.

Turning On A Red

At many intersections, it's legal to turn on a red light as long as you ensure that there's no traffic coming. However, there are also lots of intersections in which turning right on a red is prohibited. It's easy to always assume that you can make this turn, but you need to get into the habit of always looking for a sign that indicates how you should proceed. If there's a sign that tells you not to turn right on a red, you must follow it. Sometimes, these signs will specify the hours of the day that this turn isn't allowed. For example, turning right on a red is often not allowed in certain areas during rush hour.

Turning Without Stopping

If you decide to turn right on a red, you need to remember that you must stop first. It can be tempting to hurry the process of turning and make a quick turn if motorists are coming and you don't want to get caught behind them. However, if you don't stop fully before you make your turn, a police officer could ticket you for an improper turn and/or also give you a ticket for failing to stop at a red light. In the event of a turning-related ticket, find a traffic ticket attorney who can represent you.

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