Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

How To Fight Your Drug Offense

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Authorities charge 1.16 million Americans with drug charges every year. Most of these defendants will likely be found guilty and sentenced. Some defendants may be able to fight the charge, though. If you get arrested for a drug charge, you may want to fight. Learn more about what you can do to fight your drug case.  

Know Your Rights

The 4th amendment prevents "unreasonable" search and seizure. However, police will likely attempt to search you and your property anyway. If you suspect an illegal search, state your objection loudly and clearly. 

The laws vary from state to state, so you should learn the rights in your state, especially when it comes down to when a police officer has the right to search your car and your person. If a cop makes a mistake during a search and performs an illegal search, the case can get thrown out. 

Avoid Incriminating Testimony 

Defendants may feel compelled to defend themselves during a search and drug arrest. However, you'll probably be better off saying as little as possible. The more you say, the more detail to provide the prosecution for their case against you. Deny everything from the very start and ask to speak to a lawyer before you talk anymore.  

After the arrest, you'll still want to stay relatively lowkey. Avoid discussing the case online or uploading unfavorable party images. 

Hire a Lawyer 

If you have a felony or you received multiple charges, you will need to hire a lawyer. Some first-offenders with a misdemeanor may get through the process without one just fine, most misdemeanor charges will require a lawyer's input, too. Your lawyer will examine the case thoroughly, searching for legal support for your defense. Your lawyer will then advise you on how to plead at your next court date. 

Plea Down

The vast majority of criminal offenders agree to a plea deal. The plea deal often reduces the charge in exchange for a guilty plea. When a plea deal reduces a charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, the defendant should consider it (especially if the prosecution has incriminating evidence against the defendant). Alternatively, the defendant can take the case to trial where a jury will determine their fate. Not only are trials much more expensive, but they also come with harsher penalties if the defendant loses. The plea deal the defendant denied will no longer be on the table at that point.

To learn more, contact a drug crime defense attorney in your area such as Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law.


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