Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

  • Understanding The Crime Of Revenge Porn

    You have probably heard of revenge porn, but how much do you know about the criminal laws that govern it? Just like other sexual crimes, revenge porn cases attract considerable publicity, which means the officials tasked with handling them are under enormous pressure to deal with the offender. Unfortunately, this means that suspects accused of revenge porn may be punished more than they deserve. This is why it's important to learn as much about revenge porn as possible.

  • Why A DUI Charge Is Not Set In Stone After An Arrest

    Driving under the influence normally carries several immediate consequences such as penalties, jail time, probation, drug and alcohol classes, fines, ignition interlock device installation or even an alcohol home monitoring unit. However, there are long-term consequences as well and these are harder to live with than the short-term. One of the worst of the long-term consequences is the fact that you will have your driving offence on your criminal record.

  • What To Expect With A DUI When You Drive For A Living

    Getting charged with a DUI can have a variety of consequences. One of the biggest, aside from potential jail time, is the amount of money you will have to put out to get yourself back into proper driving shape. Aside from paying for an attorney to represent you, you will be expected to pay for court costs, increased vehicle insurance, driving classes, and other expenses. What can complicate matters even more is if your job depends on your ability to drive.

  • Three Situations In Which Your Expungement Petition May Be Granted

    Honest people do not enjoy being accused of heinous things. Yet, there are a lot of honest people that are charged with and must endure hearings on, things they supposedly did or did not do. If such a record exists for you, and you truly wish it had never happened, you may be able to petition the courts to get it expunged. An expungement petition seals and/or removes this unpleasantness from your personal records so that you do not have to suffer further from it or because of it.

  • Factors Affecting Bail Amount

    Posting bail gives you the opportunity to get out of jail and fight your criminal charges from the outside, as a free person. Of course, this will only be possible if you can come up with the required bail amount. Some criminal charges have predetermined bail amounts in a bail schedule, but for some cases you have to come before the judge to get your bail amount determined. Here are some of the factors that the judge will consider when setting your bail amount:

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    Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

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