Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

  • Handling a Traffic Ticket After You Miss a Stop Sign While Exhausted

    It is always a bad idea to drive while you are exhausted. Not only are you more likely to find yourself in an accident but you are also more likely to make a mistake that will lead to you being pulled over and cited for violating a traffic law. You may drive through a stop sign and find yourself pulled over by a police officer.  What to Do If You're Cited 

  • Top Reasons To Hire A Child Sexual Assault Lawyer

    Sexual assault of children is a serious crime that can have lasting negative effects on the victim's life. Learning that your child has been sexually assaulted or molested by an adult is heartbreaking, but taking legal action can help ensure that the criminal who assaulted your child can be punished. In this type of situation, one of the best things you can do is hire a child sexual assault lawyer to represent your family.

  • How Does A Criminal Attorney Choose A Defense For A Client?

    When a criminal law attorney examines a case, they have to make some choices about how to present it. As a client, you should understand why a criminal defense attorney might elect to handle your situation in a certain way. Here are four issues they'll consider when choosing a defense. The Legal Nature of the Alleged Crime Not all defenses work for all crimes. For example, the recent introduction of a law banning something in one state that is legal in a neighboring state might allow you to claim ignorance as a defense.

  • How to Respond When a DUI Arresting Officer Behaves Inappropriately

    During a suspected DUI case, police officers sometimes don't do their jobs properly. When this happens, you might be falsely accused of a DUI or the police officer might violate your rights. There are several reasons why you'll want to speak to your DUI lawyer about the conduct of the arresting officer. Question All Police Officers Even the most well-intentioned police officers can make bad judgment calls. When this occurs, you'll need to prepare yourself to fight the police officer's behavior in court.

  • 4 Things You Should Not Do When Pulled Over For DUI

    Seeing police lights behind your vehicle probably is not the thing you hoped for if you are driving after having a few cocktails, but if you see lights, you must pull over. If you have never encountered a problem like this before, you should realize that there are some important things you should never do, and here are four of them. Try to outrun the police The thought of outrunning the police might come into your head, as at the time this might make sense to you; however, this is not a good thing to do.

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    Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

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