Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

Discussing Criminal Attorney Services

3 Reasons Not to Wait Until You Are Charged to Hire a Criminal Lawyer

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Oftentimes individuals choose to wait until they have officially been charged with a crime before contacting a criminal lawyer even if they are aware of the investigation in advance. In many cases, the decision to wait before seeking counsel is based on the desire to avoid paying legal fees if they are not formally charged. While this desire is certainly understandable, you should know that choosing to contact a criminal lawyer as soon as you learn that your name has come up in connection with a criminal investigation is always your best course of action. While there are many reasons why you should always seek appropriate legal representation, there are three main reasons why you should take this course of action when dealing with criminal matters. Read on to learn more about these three reasons.

Reason #1: A Criminal Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

You have legal rights when being investigated in connection with a crime. These rights influence everything from how long the police can hold you to what proof law enforcement must produce for the prosecutor to formally file charges against you. These rights will also influence the ability of law enforcement to obtain search warrants and to question individuals who may be able to provide them with evidence that can be used against you. Contacting a criminal lawyer could help ensure that all of your rights are protected and that law enforcement is held accountable for any violation of these rights.

Reason #2: A Lawyer Could Prevent Charges From Being Filed

While many people may avoid seeking legal advice in an attempt to avoid paying legal fees, taking this route can prove counterproductive in many cases. This is because the best way to avoid costly legal fees is to avoid being arrested in the first place. Oftentimes the best way to accomplish this goal is with the help of a qualified attorney. This is because a criminal attorney will be able to advise you regarding your best course of action to prevent charges from ever being filed against you. For example, an attorney will often limit your direct involvement with law enforcement to prevent the police from being able to use any of your statements against you.

Reason #3: Information Regarding The Investigation May Prove Vital To Your Defense

If charges are ultimately filed against you, the information which your lawyer obtains throughout the investigation against you can often prove quite helpful in allowing you to mount a successful defense. For example, your attorney may be able to use conflicting witness statements or the failure of an eyewitness to identify you to cast reasonable doubt. This can mean the difference between a guilty and a not guilty verdict if your case goes before a jury.

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